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Before The Beach -  Tanning, Esthetics & Teeth Whitening
225 Marion St
Wpg, MB
(204) 237-6472

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
110-50 Lakewood Blvd,
Winnipeg, MB R2J2M6
(204) 257-3366

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
7 - 801 Regent Ave,
Winnipeg, MB R2C3A7
(204) 224-8330

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
125 - 3025 Portage Ave,
Winnipeg, MB R3K2E2
(204) 889-2021

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
3B - 140 Meadowood Dr,
Winnipeg, MB R2M5L8
(204) 256-6149

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
110 - 2800 Pembina Hwy,
Winnipeg, MB R3T5P3
(204) 275-1635

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
Unit K - 1600 Ness Ave,
Winnipeg, MB R3J3W7
(204) 774-5885

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
10 - 2230 McPhillips St,
Winnipeg, MB R2V3C8
(204) 633-5868

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
16 - 584 Pembina Hwy,
Winnipeg, MB R3M3X7
(204) 284-2468

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
3532 Roblin Blvd,
Winnipeg, MB R3R0C9
(204) 896-8877

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
Unit 5 - 3 St Mary's Rd,
Winnipeg, MB R2H1H2
(204) 233-8988

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
3 - 1833 Grant Ave,
Winnipeg, MB R3N2A4
(204) 487-4950

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
1411B Henderson Hwy,
Winnipeg, MB R2G1N3
(204) 338-3784

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
Unit B2 - 1921 Pembina Hwy,
Winnipeg, MB R3T2G7
(204) 275-8272

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
805 - 1615 Regent Ave W,
Winnipeg, MB R2C5C6
(204) 663-9299

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
15 - 2595 Main St,
Winnipeg, MB R2V4W3
(204) 334-0724

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios
120 Osborne Ave - Unit #3,
Winnipeg, MB R3L1Y5
(204) 474-2465

Lava Suntan Studios
2-1783 Plessis Rd.
(204) 222-4354

Lava Suntan Studios
4-836 McLeod Ave.
(204) 669-1120

Lava Suntan Studios
3111c Portage Ave.
(204) 222-4354

Lava Suntan Studios
105-6640 Roblin Blvd.
(204) 222-4354

South Beach Sun Tan Studios
Unit 1-1650 Kenaston Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3P 2M6
(204) 489-2266

Tan FX
44-166 Meadowood Dr,
Winnipeg, MB R2M5G8
(204) 255-1995

Tan FX
3-840 Waverley Street,
Winnipeg, MB R3T5Z7
(204) 453-1995

Tan FX
2367 Ness Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB R3J1A5
(204) 831-1995

Tan FX
955 Henderson Way,
Winnipeg, MB R2K2M2
(204) 667-1995

Tan FX
2 1783 Plessis Rd,
Winnipeg, MB R3W1N3
(204) 777-1995

Tan FX
2750 Pembina Hwy,
Winnipeg, MB R3T2H8
(204) 262-4800

Tan FX
51 Goulet St,
Winnipeg, MB R2H0R5
(204) 929-1995

Temptation Tanning
407 McPhillips,
Winnipeg, MB R2X2Z8
(204) 582-3300


  Tanning Safety Tips

Many people think that indoor tanning is a safe way to get tan without unpleasant consequences. In order to understanding the tanning process, one needs to understand how it happens. It occurs on the outer stratum of the skin called epidermis. Ultraviolet B rays excite specific cells – melanocytes – to generate a pigment known as melanin that moves through the epidermis and is absorbed by neighboring skin cells though. Then ultraviolet A rays oxidizes the melanin which darkens the skin but this procedure takes time and several tanning sessions are required. Indoor tanning devices are generally safer then direct sunlight since they control the amount of ultraviolet rays you are exposed to.

Many dangers can take place by over exposure to UV light which include:

  1. Sun burn
  2. Skin cancer
  3. Early aging.

To avoid the possibility of those dangers’ occurrence people must be advised how to obtain a safe tan. To ensure it, people should:

  1. Be careful with the medicines used to treat some illnesses;
  2. Be aware of photosensitivity.

Experts suggest no more than 50 sessions a year on the tanning beds. Some people are trying to convince themselves that their skin’s type allows them to stay longer and get a tan quicker. This is a big mistake. If any abnormal skin’s reactions arise stop exposure immediately and consult a dermatologist. It is recommended to have no less than 48 hours break between sessions.

Here are some guidelines for people that use indoor tanning:

  1. It’s compulsory to use protective eyewear or keep the eyes closed to protect them from the UV lights.
  2. Before tanning, remove all cosmetics from the skin.
  3. Then moisturize skin with specific lotions for indoor tanning which prepare the skin for UV exposure and reduce dryness.
  4. Protect the sensitive areas that usually are not exposed to UV rays. These regions can suffer cruel sunburn. Expose them gradually.
  5. Use a lip balm for lips. That will blocks the UV light.
  6. Never sunbathe more than once a day.

Indoor tanning provides some advantages for the people who choose it. They include:

  1. A trained person evaluates the skin type, offers assistance and focuses on individual needs;
  2. Sessions are individually timed to decrease overexposure;
  3. Gradual tanning in a controlled environment.

Positive effects of indoor tanning:

  1. Stimulate immunity;
  2. Prevent flu stages, osteoporosis;
  3. Treat renal problems, acne and psoriasis;
  4. Provide a good mood.

Indoor tanning is not recommended for pregnant women, people under the age of 16, people with a labile health condition and people with family history of skin cancer.

  1. Important Points to Remember:
  2. Exposure time involves burning;
  3. Artificial UV light is stronger and potentially can damage more than that found in sunlight;

Check with the personal physician possible side effects associated with tanning.


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